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Farm-to-Fashion: A wealth of colour, powered by nature.

Textiles and clothing should not be at the expense of people and the planet. The sector has caused a lot of damage, but can also contribute to its recovery and restoration. We urgently need to invest in the development of a wider range and variety of biodegradable materials, as an alternative to harmful synthetic textiles. In addition, investments must also be made in harmless, biological dyes and dyeing methods.  

Stichting Fibershed Nederland develops regional fibre systems that contribute to healthy soils, biodiversity and carbon-capture. As a thought leadership network and advocacy organisation focusing on cross industry collaboration, the non-profit is on a mission to mobilise and guide the fashion industry to (re) build and strengthen local textile supply  chains on social, circular and regenerative values. Fibershed is committed  to increasing the supply and variety  in natural fibres and the local production of high-quality and biodegradable textiles and clothing. We focus on four fibre groups, which eventually go back into the earth as food and contribute to healthy soil, biodiversity and maximum carbon dioxide absorption.  

During State of Fashion 2022 | Ways of Caring Fibershed invites you to discover how innovative companies and pioneers develop new methods for the natural colouring of textiles based on old techniques and novel innovations. Using examples from the international Fibershed network, we provide an insight into what is already possible and we show how researchers, craftsmen and companies invest in natural dye solutions that not only provide a wealth of colours, but also contribute to nature restoration and biodiversity.

Recovery Garden. Photo by Eva Broekema