___________________Fashion as Encounters___________________

In the exhibition Fashion as Encounters, the co-curators from NOT____ENOUGH Collective invited the audience to actively redefine the meanings of fashion. Dominant views on being, making, and valuing were challenged within the industrial fashion system, making space for untold stories, unseen feelings and existing knowledges that have been historically erased. Throughout the exhibition, fashion was activated as an endless series of encounters through three main themes.

Installation Coexisting Knowledges. Photo by Eva Broekema
Transforming Narratives

Transforming Narratives looked into our social structures, to question the Eurocentric beauty ideals that have often exoticized other’s identities. Here, the visitor was invited to challenge the notions of gender, identity and vulnerability.

The exhibition showed existing works by Cholita Chic (Chile), Dorian Ulises López Macías & In The Park Productions (Mexico) and Najla Said (Egypt, based in Germany).

Anabel Poh, Eunice Pais and Tra My Nguyen were selected through the Open Call for Contributors and co-created a new work especially for Transforming Narratives. 

Exercising Compassion

Exercising Compassion enabled sensing otherwise by stepping away from individual actions and focusing on the collective practices. Fashion then becomes a tool and a medium that connects us with each other through sharing and making.

The exhibition showed existing works by Fundación Amor Real (Colombia) and Molly Jae Vaughan (United Kingdom, based in the US).

Siviwe James, Santiago Útima  and Widi Asari & Riyadhus Shalihin were selected through the Open Call for Contributors and co-created a new work especially for Exercising Compassion

Coexisting Knowledges

Coexisting Knowledges reconsidered formal ways of production and distribution of knowledge, creating space for diversity and enabling plural worldviews to coexist. Within fashion, clothes carry pieces of information that are not always visible on the surface. 

The exhibition showed existing works by Amy Suo Wu (China / Australia, based in The Netherlands), Gustavo Caboco and Lucilene Wapichana (Brazil), River Claure (Bolivia, based in Spain).

Ateliê Vivo, Danayi Madondo and Wei-Chi Su were selected through the Open Call for Contributors and co-created a new work especially for Coexisting Knowledges


Missing Content

The story of an exhibition is always incomplete, there will always be Missing Content. To make room for unknown views and unexpected outcomes, the green spots became alive and were filled in during the exhibition. We invited the visitor to actively engage and become part of the exhibition during the workshops.

5 June, In embroidery I find peace by Fundación Amor Real
11 June, Settlement for care by Woman Cave
18 June, Inti-mates by Circus Andersom & Denise Bernts
24 June, Building Futures of Difference by Yun Lee & James Parnell (BARTALK)
25 June, JOIN Collective Clothes
2 July, Antidisciplinary Workbook of Care by Generation.31

Other Programmes