____________________Fundación Amor Real____________________

Fundación Amor Real founded in 2016 is a social project driven by the transformation of living conditions of the vulnerable population groups of the Santa Fe neighbourhood in Bogotá, Colombia. Through the healing potential of creative practices and the embroidered garments designed by Diamantina Arcoiris (1981), the project aims to restore people’s sense of self-worth and hope about their life in the future.

Yo soy tu, tu eres yo

Yo soy tu, tu eres yo visually tells the stories of the manifold people: street dwellers, former homeless, LGTBQIA+ individuals, migrants, displaced people, indigenous people and people that dwelled in the space of the Fundación Amor Real over the years. By making and embroidering clothes together, the community rehabilitates the fragile threads of society. It is a fundamental practice for weaving stronger relationships within our social fabric.

Graphic design by Florian Schimanski