_________________________Clara Chu_________________________

Clara Chu is a London based multidisciplinary artist and designer. She creates work that re-imagines every day, mundane objects in our domestic world, mixing mass production with the hand crafted. Visionary and colorful pop accessories challenge what we wear on our bodies, not only textiles but everyday household objects we take for granted such as vegetable peelers and spoons. 

Graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2019, her work has been featured in publications including The Face, Lifestyle Asia, Dazed and Vogue Italia. Much of it questions the prominence of fast-moving consumer goods, blurring boundaries between ‘high’ and ‘low’ forms of culture through humorous transformations.  

For Promenade on Slow Street, Chu designed an interactive installation to give you the opportunity to engage in redesigning the way you would like to interact with shopping streets and community spaces to allow for a more inclusive and regenerative fashion system.

The installation was created in cooperation with 2Switch Arnhem.