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Founded in 2017 by Juliana Garcia Bello, GARCIA BELLO is a fashion brand exploring systems of reconstruction and upcycling. Originally from Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, and now based in Arnhem, GARCIA BELLO draws on her Patagonian spirit and the resourceful methods she saw in her community and family to keep clothes in use for as long as possible. 

The garments are handmade, reusing dead stock from the textile industry and clothing donations. Part of the raw material GARCIA BELLO works with is obtained through donations of clothing from the nearby community. For GARCIA BELLO and her partner Santiago seeking donations from neighbours through posters, notices and social media was a way of getting to know them, a social act. Each donation, whether a shirt, jeans, bed linen or tablecloth come with the story of their owner. Highlighting the intangible connection people have with their clothes. This story travels with the garment as it is deconstructed and upcycled into a new piece, keeping its meaning and history with it as it passes to the next owner.  

Walk-in Wardrobes

For Walk-in Wardrobes, GARCIA BELLO brings these methods of sharing, reusing, repairing, renewing and recycling existing materials and products to your cupboards and closets. Delving into the back of the wardrobe for your neglected clothes and forgotten stories she revives these simple, everyday items. Giving value to what already exists and is not in use and capturing stories that speak of home, community and shelter.

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