_________________________Hul le Kes_________________________

Hul le Kes has been established by Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer and is based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Sjaak and Sebastiaan both graduated in 2005 from ArtEZ University for Arts and Design Arnhem, and have been working together ever since. Sjaak Hullekes grew up on an island in the Netherlands. This quiet and peaceful setting is the main inspiration for his work. Hul le Kes garments, inspired by artists, country life and artisans’ workwear, are made to become even more beautiful by wearing them. By the time the wearer thinks the garment could use a new life the item can be returned to the Hul le Kes atelier. Items, or parts of it, will be reused and made into new garments. It is the start of a never-ending life cycle, a life cycle full of stories, changes and character. 

The Recovery Garden is an extension of the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio. It’s a place that aims to recover people as well as textiles. The demands of near perfection that our society demands of people and textiles are detrimental to its surroundings. In fashion it is a system that creates waste, overproduction and pollution. In people it is a cause for social exclusion, feelings of inadequacy, burnouts and depression. 

The Hul le Kes Recovery Studio is for people who need a slower, safer space. A place to develop oneselves and get back in contact with other people. It’s Hul le Kes’ example that it is possible to have a system without competition or exploitation.