Oshadi means “essence of nature” or “healing plant” in Sanskrit. The seed-to-sew project began as a womenswear label, founded by Nishanth Chopra in  2016, in India. His desire to respect and regenerate the Earth has since led Oshadi through every process that goes into creating clothing, from printing and dyeing to weaving and spinning, and eventually back to the soil.  

Chopra is cultivating a new ‘seed-to-sew’ fashion system – one rooted in ancient Indian agricultural practices and artisan  heritage, with a 200-acre regenerative cotton farm at its heart. His entire approach is built on action, not words. The Oshadi system tackles everything from pollution to treating people with respect and dignity. Oshadi shares knowledge with brands and designers whose values align with their simple ethos: to give back more than they take.  

Oshadi founder Nishanth Chopra and master block printer Shyam Babu will be hosting a series of workshops in the Recovery Garden on June 4-5 showing the ancient craft of block printing and discussing the process of natural dyeing from plant to print.