________________________SOUP Archive________________________
London, Berlin and Shenzhen

SOUP Archive is a trio of designers based in London, Berlin and Shenzhen. Their clothes reflect their humour, finding the odd, the bizarre and the ironic by looking at the clothing and objects they work with as found objects. They work with garment leftovers, off-cuts and repurposed objects encountering them spontaneity and playfulness to make intricately distorted and unusual pieces. Using donations from friends, second-hand shops and even what they can find lying around the house or on the street, the creation of their pieces is a play between materials, technical processes and the body, often using their own bodies to fit and reconstruct items.  

For Walk-in Wardrobes SOUP Archive invites you on a trash treasure hunt, taking objects from your home and the streets of Arnhem and using them to transform ubiquitous vests and t-shirts. In experimental consultations they will show you rapid and spontaneous methods to mash-up your vests and t-shirts which you can use to play and improvise in your own wardrobe. Through this workshop the Soup Girls imagine upcycling as a walk-in service that could take a place in our local high street alongside getting a haircut or getting your nails done.